Venetia La Manna and Swatee Deepak in Conversation – ‘This System is Broken’

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Join Venetia La Manna and Swatee Deepak for this in depth discussion of the precarious and direct link between the fashion industry and the capitalist system, billionaires and the expansion of wealth, resulting in the exploitation of garment makers and extraction of our planet.

Venetia La Manna

Venetia La Manna (she/her) is a fair fashion campaigner and co-founder of Remember Who Made Them which helps to energise a new solidarity economy in fashion. Throughout her social platforms Venetia challenges fashion brands who are costing the earth and calls out retailers on their unethical practices in the fashion supply chain. 

Her work has been featured on BBC World News, Woman’s Hour, The Guardian, The Independent and the iNews.

Swatee Deepak

Swatee works with private and public foundations in strategy development and design, with individuals and families of wealth on their redistribution strategies and oversees a portfolio of businesses and start-ups across philanthropy, socially minded businesses and the arts. Swatee was previously Director of the With and For Girls Collective, the world’s only participatory fund by and for adolescent girls and prior was Director of Stars Foundation, a private philanthropic foundation funding grassroots organisations working with children and young people around the world.

 Alongside founding Remember Who Made Them, a campaign and podcast championing a new solidarity economy in fashion, Swatee is a guest lecturer for Columbia University, The London College of Fashion, is on the bench of Stanford University’s Global Center for Gender Equality and is a Practitioner in Residence for LSE’s Marshall Institute.

 She is a founding member of several collectives and groups working across philanthropy and social justice movements including Closer Than You Think, Healing Solidarity and Shake the Table and is a Board Director of the Global Fund for Children and EMpower – The Emerging Markets Foundation. She draws strength from bridging and convening for collaborative action across all she does to work for a world of justice and liberation for everyone.

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