Waiting for Waiting for Godot
Silent Faces

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Presented by The Pleasance
This will be a work-in-progress of a new show being developed for 2020.

“Let’s go.”
“We can’t.”
“Why not?”
“We’re waiting.”

Two people wait beneath a solitary tree on a country road – it’s a familiar scene, but something’s different this time. Following the critically acclaimed A Clown Show About Rain and Follow Suit, Silent Faces’ Waiting for Waiting for Godot asks who the British theatrical canon belongs to and examines what we must do to carve out our own niche when no space has been made for us. Expect their trademark style of playful, political, physical theatre as they ask – why are we still waiting for Waiting for Godot?

Silent Faces are an integrated company of disabled and non-disabled artists and making ensemble-led devised theatre since 2015, using their unique, playful style to push the boundaries of clown and physical theatre in a contemporary political context.

Friday – Sunday 5pm – 6pm

Please meet at The Wilderness Meeting Point 15-minutes before start time where you’ll be met and guided to their Woodland Theatre.

Recommended for ages 14+

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