Wild Medicine Walks

Nature holds the key to great physical and mental health. Spending time in nature lifts the spirits and all around us are plants which can heal and rejuvenate. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Learn about the hidden treasures of the Wilderness by joining a wild medicine walk through the grounds of the park.

 Rachel Corby is a medicine woman who has been studying the healing properties of plants since she 1998 when she stayed with a Shaman in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The plants have led her on a winding trail across the Americas, Europe and Africa. She has studied with medicine men and contemporary experts but the greatest teachers, unsurprisingly, have been the plants themselves.

At Wilderness Rachel will lead a walk around the wilder edges of the festival and into the woods. There are an amazing number of medicinal plants around us at any one time; it’s just a matter of knowing which plants can do what. Medicinal plants on this walk will be pointed out, catering for everything from hangover cures, sun burn remedies, pick-me-ups for broken hearts and soothers for grazed knees – all from the plants growing underfoot and in the hedgerows.

Meet at ‘The Wilderness Meeting Point’.

Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: @mugwortdreamer

Website: www.wildgaiansoul.com