Woodburner Music

East London’s live music obsessives Woodburner are best known for their weekly festival which runs every Tuesday at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden through the summer months. Widely acknowledged to be the closest you can get to a Wilderness-style experience inside the M25.

With the whole of Friday and Saturday to play with in The Travelling Barn, the Woodburner team have selected some of their favourite acts from the last 12 months to take the stage. Each day begins with the finest acoustic talent you could wish for, before the sounds shift into different realms. You can expect a Jazz takeover on Friday afternoon, with The Dylema Collective’s love-jazz certain to be a highlight. This rolls seamlessly into a full-power dance experience on Friday night featuring music from all over the world with Balkan-inspired Don Kipper and Manchester afrobeaters Agbeko.

Saturday night only increases the temperature further, with another raucous night of mayhem ignited by the 17-piece Patchwork Jazz Orchestra and Rum Buffalo, while electronic acts Chelou and Bearcubs headline during Saturday afternoon with something even cooler.