Better Relationships

RSA Presents: On Belonging and Brit(ish)ness

No, but where are you REALLY from? Britain is a nation experiencing an identity crisis - populist movements attempt to draw us back to a nostalgic vision of homogenous, white Britain, whilst demographic changes see our cities more diverse and multi-dimens

Ctrl Alt Delete

Emma Gannon brings her podcast to a live setting at Wilderness for the first time, for a conversation with Clemmie Hooper, the midwife & author, who runs the hugely popular Instagram account @mother_of_daughters in her 'spare' time (she works at one o

Scummy Mummies

Join The Scummy Mummies and award-winning author and mental health campaigner Bryony Gordon for an afternoon of laughs for less-than-perfect parents. Bring your wine and panty liners and enjoy a funny and frank discussion about the highs and lows of moder


Togetherness is the state of being close to another or others. At the Togetherness tent, we take this so seriously we’ve created a playful ritual to cultivate closeness. Join the team, experts in all forms of play and the arts of human connection, for a d

Kate Devlin

Kate Devlin is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London. Having begun her career as an archaeologist before moving into computer science, Devlin’s research is in the fields of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and

Better Sex Mindfully

What does a practice of sitting silently and watching your thoughts have to do with sex? Well actually... a lot. This experiential workshop will help you to be more aware of sensations in your body and less caught up in thinking or anxiety. We will also p

Blindfolded Adventure Time

Do you like blindfolds and do you like adventure? If the answer to both questions is yes this session is for you. Once you put on a blindfold all your other senses get heightened, your experience of the world intensifies. Simple things like walking, tasti

Rebel Wisdom: Playful Polarity

This workshop will be a playful experience of polarity, the twin magnetic poles of masculine and feminine. Most of the world's wisdom traditions tell the story of how the world manifests itself as polarities, yin/yang, light/dark, masculine/feminine. In t

The Love Ritual

Bring your partner or dive into loving a complete stranger just for this moment in time. In this ritual, you'll reconnect with what's important and give yourself what you really crave: intimacy, presence, connection. We'll take you through a process that

A New Parenting Paradigm

Parenting is hard and emotional work. How can we build co-operation or resolve family issues without resorting to the bribing/threatening/distracting/scolding/shaming that our parents used? Discover an entirely radical and new lens for your children's beh

A Woman’s Touch

Are you fed up of the female body being constantly sexualised for male pleasure? This workshop is for women to explore love, intimacy and sensuality away from the male gaze. We’ll create a really cosy and safe environment to share our experiences and expl

How Not To Fuck Up Your Kids

The ethos of Wilderness Festival begins:- ‘We intend for your time in the Wilderness to be treasured. What you feel and experience here should last forever’ The intention of my workshop is to bring you out of the wilderness of parenting into deep understa