Wilderness Saves The World

"IF ONLY THEY'D JUST...!" Have you uttered these words? Have you got it all figured out? Have you bored your friends with your big idea - the one tweak that will solve climate change & poverty simultaneously? This event is for YOU. Speakers Corner mee

State of The Nation

Question Time with balls... An eclectic selection of the best minds at Wilderness ring the stage in a frantic tag-team debate. Questions are tossed into the ring to be unpacked by our specialists in an event that makes the most of having some of the brigh

Sunday Papers Live

Sunday Papers Live brings the broadsheets to life – section by section, performance by performance. This Special Edition includes contributions from the RSA, Afua Hirsch, The Frontline Club, war correspondent Anthony Lloyd,  The Idler Academy, adventurers

London Review Of Books

We are thrilled to be welcoming the most successful – and controversial – literary publication in Europe into the Wilderness for the first time. They share the same outlook as our talks programme - offering a space for some of the world’s best thinkers to


Refinery29, the leading digital media and entertainment company for young women, takes a look back on a momentous 18 months for women in the media, cataloguing some of the stories and experiences that hit the headline, from the global #MeToo movement to t

RSA Presents: On Belonging and Brit(ish)ness

No, but where are you REALLY from? Britain is a nation experiencing an identity crisis - populist movements attempt to draw us back to a nostalgic vision of homogenous, white Britain, whilst demographic changes see our cities more diverse and multi-dimens

The Frontline Club presents Anthony Loyd

Sunday Papers Live: World News Section Anthony Loyd has been reporting from war zones for The Times for 25 years. He began his career in Bosnia in 1993 and has since reported from conflicts around the world including Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Chech

Rewilding Writing with Jay Griffiths & Gregory Norminton

What place does the natural world have in our written culture, beyond the enclave of 'nature writing'? How can we hope to extend the concerns of literary culture to incorporate the non-human world on which ours is ultimately dependent? Writer Jay Griffith

Are Psychedelic Drugs Getting Respectable?

With Dr Robin Carhart-Harris and Tom Hodgkinson. Once dismissed as either dangerous or subversive or both, LSD, magic mushrooms and DMT are coming back into the medical mainstream. Studies worldwide are finding that controlled doses can lead to a lifting