A History of The World in 5 ½ Drinks

Talk/Tasting Session: A History of The World In 5 ½ Drinks. Author Joseph Piercy was born in Brighton. After spending far too long at university studying Russian Literature and Creative Writing, Joseph embarked upon a journey which took him to various par

Professor David Nutt

Renowned neuroscientist Professor David Nutt is in conversation with Salon London’s Helen Bagnall about his plans to bring liver friendly hangover-free synthetic alcohol to market by 2020, the surprising difficulties British Universities face conducting e

Drug Wars with Neil Woods and JS Rafaeli

By Neil Woods and JS Rafaeli. From the bestselling author of Good Cop Bad War comes the first ever inside history of Britain’s War on Drugs, told by those who were there. In a world where current levels of knife and gun crime feel at an all-time high, thi

Are Psychedelic Drugs Getting Respectable?

With Dr Robin Carhart-Harris and Tom Hodgkinson. Once dismissed as either dangerous or subversive or both, LSD, magic mushrooms and DMT are coming back into the medical mainstream. Studies worldwide are finding that controlled doses can lead to a lifting