Charlbury Pre-School: Wot The Duck

Artisan duck confit buns brought to you by the magnificent and local Charlbury Pre-School.  Support our amazing local community and eat some delicious duck while you're at it - what could be better?


Founded by naturopath Kate Brontë-Stewart. Nutkin is a naturopathic kitchen specialising in organic nut-based vegan cheeses. They are committed to using functional ingredients that promote health whilst never compromising on flavour.


Think big, fresh, delicious burritos and nachos all made from scratch, on site, with slow-cooked cuts of meat such as carnitas, chipotle brisket and chicken, braised black beans, salsas and guacamole, made fresh every morning along with three homemade hot


Food enthusiasts, amateur chefs, but most importantly professional fun lovers!! That pretty much explains Pulled….. Simply put we love food (and a little drink or two) and our world is centred around ‘what is for dinner?’ It all started with a recipe for

Smoky Tentacles

Housed in one of their exclusive Moroccan marquees Smoky Tentacles is a beautiful and unique chill-out lounge and café, the perfect place for the festival-goer to relax with friends until the small hours. Think comfy rugs, cushions and low slung tables, a

Anna Mae’s Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Established in 2010 by founders Anna Mae & Tony. They cook mac 'n' cheese on the street, in your back yard and lucky for us, at festivals. They are famous for being London’s original Mac n Cheese dealers. Served from a giant cast iron skillet, they ma


Arancina is an artisanal Italian street food favourite that has been serving thousands of customers every day with its unique fresh 'pizza alla pala' (made to a secret recipe) and regional snacks, including its famous deep fried Sicilian arancini - risott

Bad Brownie

These aren't regular brownies these are brownies with attitude - sexier, meaner, edgier and oh so very bad. At Bad Brownie they're hell bent on spreading their dangerously good, gourmet brownies all over the UK and banishing boring brownies for good. By f


BangWok specialise in one dish, as all the best street vendors in Thailand do. Their famous Pad Thai is cooked to order and served fresh from the wok - rice noodles are sizzled in a secret-recipe tamarind sauce with tofu, egg, thai radish, bean sprouts an

Barnaby Sykes Pie Maker

These guys have been selling their delicious hand-made pies at festivals all over the country for over 15 years, long before the union of ‘street’ and ‘food’ was even imagined. Their guiding tenant has always been to give people the best pie they’ve ever

BBQ Dreamz

Fancy some pork belly marinated for 24 hours in soy, garlic, vinegar, pepper and Sprite (yeah that’s right!) Grilled and served on steamed rice, topped with a coriander ginger dressing and pickles, or how about a take on the Indian dish Lamb Keema served

Bean & Gone Coffee Company

London based events coffee specialists Bean and Gone are passionate about the craft of coffee. They are equally dedicated to creating the perfect environment in which to enjoy it. Since their coffee journey began in 2006, they have worked at markets, fest