Wild Swimming

Swimming in the crystal clear waters, as the sun beats down, the chill of the lake refreshing your limbs, the laughter of your friends carrying across the water… What could be better? Dive in. Lake Majestic is the jewel at the centre of the estate. A deep

The Wilderness Cricket Match

The only proper cricket fixture on the festival circuit, the Bearded Kittens have been hosting the cricket on Sunday for as long as Wilderness has existed and the match has become a cornerstone of incompetence and genius in equal measure. Expect dubious u

The Boating Lake

A rowing boat and a pristine lake. Your best mate (that you may very well have met 10 minutes ago) sitting opposite you in a ridiculously theatrical hat. Oar in hand, ripples and raucous laughter ricocheting around the valley. This is the ultimate in esca

Hunter Gather Cook

Come and join Hunter Gather Cook, the finest foraging and cookery school in the UK. Learn how to butcher, gather and cook the finest wild, local and fresh ingredients available at Wilderness. Almost everything will be processed and gathered on the day fro

The Club House Playing Field

The Club House is the first festival venue dedicated to the ancient art of winning. We invite your competitive side to an afternoon of mad sports at the Playing Fields, and ultimately, some WINNING.  Come and meet The Club House Games Hosts, a wild bunch

Undercover: A Stealth Spy Mission

A real-world game of looking out and blending in. Could you make it as a Spy? Immerse yourself in the shady world of espionage with Fire Hazard Games. Stealth is the name of the game here, as you’ll be competing against other newly minted covert agents -

Wild Medicine Walks

Nature holds the key to great physical and mental health. Spending time in nature lifts the spirits and all around us are plants which can heal and rejuvenate. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Learn about the hidden treasures of the Wilderness by