Hip Hop Karaoke

Hip Hop Karaoke has become a Wilderness institution. It's one that defines everything we love: participation, sass and silliness, celebration of music,  appreciation of one another, loads of laughter, and of course, all hail the art of rap. The B-boys and

Stretch Mass Yoga

Based in East London, Stretch believe that Yoga should be accessible to all, inclusive and free from stuffy dogma. Offering a range of classes from slow flow, to dynamic vinyasa, stretch has a class to suit every body. This return to host their amazing Ma

The Wilderness Choir Wilderness Festival

The Wilderness Choir

The best choir in the world - because you're right in the middle of it singing your little heart out. Last year we had over five hundred people in the choir. This year we aim to hit a thousand. There will be fifty musicians on stage. There will probably b

Family Sing-A-Long with The Wilderness Orchestra

Do you have children? Have you ever been a child? Have you been up all night? Are Sunday afternoons all about the Disney or aren't they? Be our guest for a whole new world of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious family favourites featuring our very own symp

Sit Down, Be Quiet – a mass meditation with Michael James Wong, founder of Boys of Yoga

Sit Down, Be Quiet with Michael Wong, founder of The Boys of Yoga. Join a group meditation session with self-confessed wellness warrior Michael - he has a wealth of experience in teaching yoga and meditation. "Yoga is my belief system, my attitude to life