Hip Hop Karaoke

Hip Hop Karaoke has become a Wilderness institution. It's one that defines everything we love: participation, sass and silliness, celebration of music,  appreciation of one another, loads of laughter, and of course, all hail the art of rap. The B-boys and

Stretch Mass Yoga

Based in East London, Stretch believe that Yoga should be accessible to all, inclusive and free from stuffy dogma. Offering a range of classes from slow flow, to dynamic vinyasa, stretch has a class to suit every body. This year Stretch return to host the

Cool Down

After a hot and sweaty day on the field we are here to ease those muscles and soothe those strains, simmer down and let Monsieur Bon Bon help you regain your composure. Giving your body a well needed unwind after it's first full day of festival fun, 5pm F

Giant Jenga

A classic game gone big, lorded over by our playmakers.  The perfect way to while away your afternoon with Pimms in hand, watching the ever more tense players reach dizzy heights as they are tormented by humongous Jenga, reached only by step ladder, don’t

Mass Musical Benches

Someone once told us they didn’t have a competitive side.  Then we saw them in the arena during this game. You might think it’s tame, but you’d be OH SO WRONG.  Dijon, if you are out there, we are waiting for you… Get down to the Club House Playing Fields

Pop Song Sing Along Choir

They say group song is the great connector, has life changing powers and creates deep community bonds like no other.  Come and connect with your fellow festival goers in a rousing chorus of….oh, hang on….pop classics from Queen to Britney…hmm?! Make sure

Scavenger Hunt

We have a list, you need a team.  This isn’t just a novel way to explore the site together, this is a COMPETITION.  Get a move on and complete the list in 1 hour only.  We’ve seen all sorts of things return in a classic game of Scavenger Hunt (even a real

Sexi Flexi

Let Monsieur Bon Bon and his limber lovelies start your day with a lubricating warm up, dig deep, engage that core and experience the most moist morning make out, I mean, work out, you’ve ever experienced. Getting your body ready for a day ahead of dancin

Sock Wrestling

If you have a score to settle, this is the place.  We have seen gigantic men perform more graceful moves than a slippery wet eel, fathers forget they are tackling their own children, and elfin ladies take down giants, all in the frantic quest to win that

Synchronised Disco

Title says it all, if you like to move in sync with your fellow festival goers, be there.  Our Play Makers will be making sure you get those dance moves on point, be ready. Be sure not to miss it, the Friday power hour 1:30 - 2:30pm on the Club House Play

The Wilderness Boozy Olympics

The Wilderness Boozy Olympics is a chance for the hardened drinker to show us their sporting prowess.  Whoever said booze and sport don’t mix, was wrong, and this is your chance to prove it. Bring your team, make them proud, this is the Olympics like you’

The Wilderness Choir Wilderness Festival

The Wilderness Choir

The best choir in the world - because you're right in the middle of it singing your little heart out. Last year we had over five hundred people in the choir. This year we aim to hit a thousand. There will be fifty musicians on stage. There will probably b