The Valley

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body." - Martha Graham The Valley is an amphitheatre, a perfect gully embrued with soul and energy where the forest meets the river. It's a space which feels preordained for flamboyance and unity; in other

The Love Hotel

From the creators of the much loved ‘Juke Joint’, Petersham Road presents ‘The Love Hotel’- a secret underworld where conformity is rejected and losing your inhibitions is encouraged.   This is the kitsch, boutique hotel of LOVE where you are invited to s

Sunday Stampede

Sunday Stampede Leading the charge, up front with the horns, big bands will thunder and gallop with you through the night into the magic hour. Buckle up. Saddle Up. The Sunday Stampede is going to be one hell of a ride. From Roma to rumba, Latin beats to

Voodoo Rising

Friday Voodoo Rising. One dark night, in a land far, far away, the Carousel sparkled brightly, and the spirits came out to play. Temperatures rise, the magic spellbinds, come lose yourself in the power of the rhythm. Line-up will be announced soon. From R

The Carousel

The Carousel is the place with the big vibrations. Buy the ticket, take the ride. It's a golden stage dancing with horses and shaking with a party bag of music to make you move. The infamous festival impresario Mr Chris Tofu – best known for Glastonbury's

The Shotgun Wedding Show

Saturday Shotgun Wedding Party Carnage and Carriages. Money for Marriages. Big brass blasting into the night. There will no traditions. There will be no speeches. But there will be a damn good party. Welcome to the Shotgun Wedding. Balkan, gyspy, high-ene


You never know exactly what you’re going to hear with Jackmaster. The element of glorious surprise is crucial to his sets: from the lost Dance Mania gems he spends his time unearthing to forgotten Disco tracks to straight-up house and techno sets, the Num

Nightmares On Wax

It is no exaggeration to say that Nightmares on Wax’s work is synonymous with a place in time. It is a place individual to those who have savoured his popular brand of sun-drenched dubbed out soul, where fragments of hazy memories, halcyon days and past s

Peak and Swift

Original residents and musical curators of the Wilde Renate who also work behind the scenes as the club’s lead booker and art director. Peak's origins are unknown, though it has been said he may have been raised deep in the Brokeback Mountains of East-Sax


We are thrilled to welcome DJ Artwork to make his debut at the Wilderness Valley...

Crazy P

Who’d have thought it? Six albums in and Crazy are stronger and more relevant than ever. Funny how the tides of time turn, and how the sounds of a typically British type of house and disco - which The P have been forerunning for the last 15 years - are no

Ronnie Scott’s

It was in that 1959 saxophonist Ronnie Scott opened the door to a small basement club in the West End where local musicians could jam. This small club has grown into the lauded jazz venue we know and love today – one of the most famous jazz clubs on the p