Ronnie Scott’s

It was in that 1959 saxophonist Ronnie Scott opened the door to a small basement club in the West End where local musicians could jam. This small club has grown into the lauded jazz venue we know and love today – one of the most famous jazz clubs on the p

DJ Chris Tofu MBE

Established in 1995 DJ Chris Tofu has become a pioneer of Vintage Remix and the UK Festival scene, sharing his obsession with all things remixed and raucous with jumping crowds across the globe! From Glastonbury to Istanbul, this musical maverick is const

Mad Apple Circus

Mad Apple Circus is an original blend of horn-fuelled styles, built on Ska/Hip-Hop/Jazz and Latin grooves – nothing but the good stuff. Owing to their unique sound and energetic performances, this hard-hitting humble Bristolian nine-piece have fast become

The Valley

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body." - Martha Graham The Valley is an amphitheatre, a perfect gully embrued with soul and energy where the forest meets the river. It's a space which feels preordained for flamboyance and unity; in other

Groove Armada

For nearly two decades Groove Armada has been established as one of the planet's best loved and biggest selling dance acts.  As comfortable on the big stages as they are in sweat soaked basements, the boys cross genres and styles with ease. Andy Cato and

George Fitzgerald

We are immensely excited to welcome the impossibly dextrous UK-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer George Fitzgerald to The Valley. His hotly tipped new album has just dropped and it's an absolute belter. All That Must Be is a mesmeric and transportive col

The Night Realm

The night crawls in looking dangerous. Dragging lazers, a chain-linked tangle of beats. You'll not escape this one unscathed. Welcome to the jungle, home of the magic hour. The chaos is not far away. Follow your instincts; you'll find your tribe. This is

The Hereafter

This crossroads is a mythological place between worlds. The hinterland where two realms touch, overseen by the devil. You are at a place where supernatural spirits can be easily contacted and paranormal events are a regularity. The Hereafter is "neither h

The Carousel

The Carousel Stage is the spinning, eccentric, time-travelling party machine. From Remixed Swing, Electro-Vintage Grooves and jump-up Cosmic Psychedelic Madness to Explosive Brass, this stage celebrates a melting pot of cultures, languages and styles, alw

The Hustle

Hustle: 'a state of great activity.' If you prefer your dancefloors to be intimate, it's pretty hard to beat the sweaty late-night disco jams in The Hustle. Returning to make you move, The Hustlers have got a top secret DJ line-up primed to put that impec

The Great Brain Robbery

Friday 8pm - Sunday 2am. Read our Spotlight on The Great Brain Robbery here. The Great Brain Robbery presents “Here’s to the Hereafter…” No Robert Johnson = No Rock n Roll… The Great Brain Robbery takes us back to the crossroads... back to that ultimate e

Bourgeois & Maurice

"Musical comedy's answer to the Manson Family." - Evening Standard "It's hard to think of any other act delivering such clever, funny, sharp material." - Time Out "A guerrilla cabaret of genuinely subversive originality." – The Stage "Bourgeois & Maur