The Club House Night Games

Just because the sun's gone down, doesn't mean the games are over. For the first time ever, as the sun goes down, the glowing games begin. Glow in the dark Quidditch, Disco Dodgeball, dance-offs and silliness. You heard it hear first. By night the Playing

The Club House

The Club House is the first festival venue dedicated to the ancient art of winning. But all your energy must not be spent on the Playing Fields as there is plenty to do once you hit the benches with a serious party schedule. Within The Club House itself,

The Brass Funkeys

The Brass Funkeys draw from the traditions of New Orleans - with skilled musicianship. Rolling from spirited second line revelry to soulful jazz funeral marches and brass driven funk. Reggae, hip hop, gypsy, swing and Latin influences are exposed in an ec

Super Sonic Disco

Ben and Max from SuperSonicDisco are dedicated to the pursuit of hands-in-the-air happiness, and are the finest purveyors of all things party. Playing an irresistible smorgasbord of soul, disco and funk, brought bang up to date with party classics, they a

Jenova Collective

The Jenova Collective are a 7 piece British dance band with an intense electrifying show. Fusing the worlds of
 dance music and live performance these guys have been tearing up international clubs, venues, and festivals since 
they formed in 2014. Their c

London Afrobeat Collective

If, as the great Fela Kuti once said, ‘music is the weapon’, then you’ll need to wear armor to withstand the full sonic force of the mighty London Afrobeat Collective (LAC). This 10 piece band and international party machine are an incendiary live act, wh