The Atrium supported by Time Out

The Atrium - supported by Time Out - is a compendium of high arts. It’s the place where the strands of our festival unite. An assembly of sensational music and dance from the UK and around the world, The Atrium is the best bits of Wilderness collected und

Ronnie Scott’s

It was in that 1959 saxophonist Ronnie Scott opened the door to a small basement club in the West End where local musicians could jam. This small club has grown into the lauded jazz venue we know and love today – one of the most famous jazz clubs on the p

Ronnie Scott’s present Lucky Peterson

Lucky Peterson is the most dangerous triple threat working in the blues. He has gained a reputation as one of the most preeminent performers of the modern era. A searing lead guitarist, fantastic organist, and first-rate vocalist, Lucky’s many talents are


Volker Bertelmann is a German pianist and composer who mainly performs and records under the name Hauschka. Since the release of his debut album, Substantial, in 2004 Hauschka – has, slowly but surely, earned a remarkable reputation as a purveyor of imagi

Alex Mendham and His Orchestra

Formed under the direction of Alex Mendham and resident orchestra at the Savoy Hotel, this 11-piece Orchestra perform hot jazz and sweet dance band music from the Art Deco era - with a modern energy and passion. The passion the Orchestra has for this gold

Daft Punk Reimagined: Interstella 5555

Introducinglive are a unique prospect. Playing Daft Punk’s ‘Discovery’ album from 2001, live from start-to-finish, this six piece band stage whole albums previously thought un-performable. Their first project was DJ Shadow’s sample-based classic ‘Endtrodu

Hip Hop Karaoke

Hip Hop Karaoke has become a Wilderness institution. The B-boys and B-girls of Wilderness absolutely represent, fuelled by Dutch courage and a passion for rap, whoever steps up to the mic is unfailingly backed by an effervescent crowd. Act out your rap fa


Honeyfeet are, the band themselves say, ‘apple pie for the soul’. Incredible soaring vocals lilt above dubby jazz, old folk, blues grooves. Put simply, Honeyfeet are Manchester’s best ethio-trad, barrel-house pop, cowpunk and folk-hop band. Talk to anyone

Movimientos Presents DJ Cal Jader

Cal Jader is one of the musical activists, founders and original 'dancehall caballeros' behind Movimientos. With his trademark blend of red hot 'classico' latin beats, uptempo carnival rhythms, tropical bass, and fresh global sounds he is helping to sound

Movimientos Presents The Fontanas

The Fontanas deliver an upbeat live­set that gets audiences bouncing around like carnival come early. Positive and totally feel good! Their sound consists of Brazilian funk and jump up Latin ska. The band is comprised of hand picked musicians who have pla

Movimientos Presents Camo Clave

Camo Clave, an original Electro Tropical band based in Bristol, UK. They mix traditional Latin American rhythms with modern beats, electronics and processors to create an exciting and energetic twenty-first century tropical party. Expect Cumbia, Salsa, Ru

The Wilderness Choir

Take your place alongside a symphony orchestra in a hundreds-strong harmonic celebration as part of our Sunday night festival finale alongside the London Contemporary Voices. Last year, after just enough sunny rehearsal time to perfect a four-part harmony