Hunter Gather Cook

Come and join Hunter Gather Cook, the finest foraging and cookery school in the UK. Learn how to butcher, gather and cook the finest wild, local and fresh ingredients available at Wilderness. Almost everything will be processed and gathered on the day fro

Art Macabre Life Drawing Salon

Ever wondered what happens in a natural history museum after dark? Art Macabre's Living Cabinet of Curiousities awaits... Art Macabre resurrect lost species from the natural world of flora and fauna for you to capture in your sketches, as nude human model

Academia De Capoeira Mundo

Academia de Capoeira Mundo is an authentic capoeira group with direct historical links from their teachers, to their Mestre, to the slaves who created this dynamic art and fighting system. Capoeira provides you with health, happiness, music and mastery of

Croquet East

According to an 1868 edition of Harpers Bazaar, croquet is an "elegant, highly formalised ritual, occurring in a deceptively wholesome garden setting". Croquet East meet every month in Victoria Park to cross mallets and bash balls whilst sipping Pimms, mu

The Greencrafts Village

Greencrafts celebrates and teaches the ancient techniques and crafts of our wilder forefathers. Brought to you by master craftsmen and women, this is the place to come and learn a traditional skill, get hands-on with natural and sustainable materials and