Wild Runs

The Midnight Runners movement was born out of love for London, and a desire to escape the confines of the gym. They are an ever-growing crew of athletes of all ages and nationalities from different disciplines and backgrounds, united by a passion for meet

The Club House Playing Field

The Club House is the first festival venue dedicated to the ancient art of winning. We invite your competitive side to an afternoon of mad sports at the Playing Fields, and ultimately, some WINNING.  Come and meet The Club House Games Hosts, a wild bunch

Haus of Victorinox

For a sixth year running Victorinox, makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife, return to Wilderness. The Haus of Victorinox revisits this summer with an inspiring collective of workshops and artistic talent for the festival. Join us at the Haus with old fr

The Artful Badger and Sound Qi present Wild Workshops

This workshop program is a one-off collaboration between Sound Qi and Artful Badger's "WILD Workshops" exclusively for Wilderness Festival, and unites their guiding principles. The facilitators invite us to experience the complete freedom of untamed self-


BREAKFAST BOOGIE Saturday 4th, 10-11am The Badger's are known for loving to make a fool out of themselves on the dance floor. They are also known for rolling out of bed demanding a proper boogie before breakfast (you may remember their Rise and Shine sess

Wild Workshops: Free Dance

FREE DANCE Saturday 4th, 4-6pm Self-expression, fun, fitness and meditation all in one session. With Freddy Drabble, founding director of The Artful Badger and Maria Rita Salvi, Director of Being in Motion. Stay in shape, meet new people, have loads of fu

Wild Workshops: Resonating Bodies

RESONATING BODIES Friday 3rd, 1-4pm A bespoke 3-hour journey to our wild side through relaxation, movement, vocalising, immersion in nature, wild dancing and sound therapy. Our linear conception of the body as solid matter in empty space is changing fast.