Undercover: A Stealth Spy Mission

A real-world game of looking out and blending in. Could you make it as a Spy? Immerse yourself in the shady world of espionage with Fire Hazard Games. Stealth is the name of the game here, as you’ll be competing against other newly minted covert agents -

The Secret Post Office

The diligent posties from the Secret Post Office will be posting your hand-made mail to anyone you so desire at Wilderness. The Post Office is open daily from 9am-5pm. There you can decorate postcards, write long and heartfelt love letters, choose deliver

The Collective

The Collective is a band from Abingdon-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Through their mutual love of Jazz, all playing in a jazz music theory group together. Crossing continents, made up of Brazilian (Mogi native language) bass, French drummer and English lead gui

The Great British Brass Off

Back for the second year, Wilderness's very own Great British Brass Off returns to our festival fields. Two of the UK's finest brass bands battle each other to the last note for the esteemed title and crowning cup. Who will black-belt their brassy best an

Stereo Puppets

While careering at The Carousel, best be careful you aren't ensnared by Fanny The Bride - the manically desperate bride searching for her husband to be... Her last intoxicated romance jilted her at a Las Vegas alter before Elvis had even produced the onio

Medusa by 27 Degrees

She was a monster. He chopped off her head. This is how Medusa will be remembered by most. But was she really a monster, or a rape victim? An anarchist or a feminist? A woman expressing her sexual desire? Or someone with a strong bond with nature and a ra

The Embers Collective

Look out for fantastic stories and music from The Embers Collective at Wilderness this year. When the right time strikes, these tall tale-tellers and wandering musicians will be huddled round a late-night bonfire or nestled in the green down by the lake..

The Salon Collective: Master & The Cats – ‘One Way Ticket’

“Follow Me. Who told you that there is anything real in this world: maybe the liar has had his despicable tongue cut out! Follow me and only me, and I will take you on the journey into the unknown. Here is your one-way ticket.” Listen for the Master’s dru