Undercover: A Stealth Spy Mission

A real-world game of looking out and blending in. Could you make it as a Spy? Immerse yourself in the shady world of espionage with Fire Hazard Games. Stealth is the name of the game here, as you’ll be competing against other newly minted covert agents -

The Insecurity Guards

Patrolling the finest events around the world, the Insecurity Guards will be at Wilderness to rid you of your pesky insecurities, helping you let loose without worry. Simply write down your insecurities and deposit them in the high-tech Insecurity Safe (T

The Surprise Me Stop

Are. You. Game??? Then wait at the surprise me stop anytime of day or night. Before long, your surprise will arrive. You might be blindfolded and whisked away to an unknown future. You may be serenaded. Perhaps you'll be gifted something. Or be witness to

The Embers Collective

Take a journey into the woods for some fantastic stories and music from The Embers Collective this year. When the right time strikes, these tall tale-tellers and wandering musicians will meet you at a designated spot to take you deep into the woods where