The Saturday Night Spectacle

A Wilderness tradition, the Saturday Night Spectacle is a participatory show at which all our pillars and themes combine. This is also the moment on Saturday night at 10:30pm when the entire festival congregates, to raise their hearts, and unify their min

Get Married At The Mass Wedding

Ever wanted to marry your best friend? Or even marry all of your friends all at once? Well this is your chance. Pick your partner(s), dream up your fantasy wedding outfit, don a huge hat and head down to the Atrium. Where Shesus & the Sistas and the S

Bonfire Lighting Ceremonies

Away from the pandaemonium and under a canopy of stars, you will find roaring fires acting as beacons in the wilderness, drawing you towards the rhythms of acoustic circles and fireside jams. The importance of fire in ritual and to unite communities is as

Craft Reader Gallery by TooFar Media

Visit the Craft Reader Gallery to become a walking work of art right there on your body, while exploring Immersive story experiences fusing fiction, music and art. Discover otherworldly stories, new indie music and loads of visionary fine art in this hand