The Art Studio

The Art Studio

The Art Studio is back in town. That’s fine art, in a field, with a touch of the avant-garde. The space will cater for every creative and artistic whim. Workshops and art classes, you can pimp a pineapple, you can draw a live minotaur or angel while they

Release Your Inner Cartoonist

Cartoons are great and so are cartoonists. Become part of this elite branch of the arts at one of my exclusive cartoon workshops. Learn how to transform a flat piece of paper into a riot of laughs, an explosion of adventure, a cacophony of sound and a gob

Pimp Your Pineapple

Create a dazzling pineapple, dead set to send anyone into a frenzy of pineapple, green-eyed envy. Having been introduced to the pineapples and the 'pimp' you will create your masterpiece; spraying painting and pimping it up with a whole host of glittering

Eat Your Art: Macaroon Art

Create an Edible Masterpiece. A weird and wonderful display of blue bananas, silver grapes, golden pineapples and bejewelled watermelons will spark your creative juices. (Edible) paint and decorate (with edible glitter and sequins) gorgeous 6 inch macaroo

Art Macabre’s Where The Wild Things Draw

Sketch nude and costumed curious characters after dark, with Art Macabre Death Drawing. Wild creatures and monstrous mythical beasts pose for your drawing pleasure, from minotaurs to mermaids. Injecting a lethal dose of the dark arts into life drawing. Ad

Art Macabre’s Drawing Jukebox

London's purveyors of theatrical drawing Art Macabre invite you to sketch costumed models as they recreate iconic album artwork. See LP covers brought to life and illustrate your own versions, whilst listening to the relevant musical tracks. Draw your fav

Darn It Workshop

Learn how to create unique swirling patterned paper with the ancient art of marbling.  Experiment with brightly coloured inks, card and resist patterns to make something 100% original every time.  Once dry these patterned sheets will act as a cover for a

Grace Jone Headdress Making Workshop

Join paper artist Lydia Shirreff for a festival headdress workshop inspired by the ultimate fashion muse, Grace Jones. Make yourself a dramatic head piece and channel your inner ferocious glamour. Follow a template or let your imagination run wild with pa

Landscape Painting Workshop with Isabel Collins

A workshop where you will have the opportunity to make your own masterpiece. Working with professional artists you will be given a guiding and encouraging hand into the world of landscape painting. You will be looking particularly at composition and textu

Floristry Workshop with Tiger Lily

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of relaxing with flowers. Step into a Butterfly Garden class to explore the beauty and possibilities of nature using home-dried flowers. Qualified florists from Tiger Lily will teach you to arrange flowers in floral foam and