The Books Tent

George Mobiot: Out Of The Wreckage

In the aftermath of the general election, leading commentator George Monbiot re-examines the present crisis and shows the way to a better future. He explains how communities can be rebuilt, how economies can be recharged without destroying the living plan

Harper Collins

HarperCollins brings four authors to Wilderness to explore themes of identity in nature, in the mind, and in the body.

Lynne Segal : Radical Happiness

In an age of increasing individualism, we have never been more alone. Exploring a lifetime's experience within the feminist movement, Lynne Segal presents her new ideas of Radical Happiness. She makes a passionate call for the re-discovery of the politica


This year Virago are publishing 22 much loved children’s books by well-known women’s writers as Virago Modern Classics, featuring favourites from E. Nesbit, L. M. Montgomery, Nina Bawden and Susan Coolidge with new beautifully illustrated jackets. Join te


Could it ever be possible to bring back the Tyrannosaurus rex? How do decisions made by our hunter-gatherer ancestors affect us today? How is humanity’s obsession with cheap meat driving the extinction of the orang-utan? It’s survival of the fittest in th

Ann Pettifor and Andrew Simms

What is the Green New Deal, and how can it help us create a fairer and more sustainable economy? In this joint talk economist Ann Pettifor and evironmental campaigner Andrew Simms explore how to establish a new set of policies to revive our stagnant econo

Jack Cooke

Adults don’t climb trees, do they?! Jack Cooke has spent the past year exploring cities from the tree tops, looking at the world from the vantage of a branch. He’s explored city trees, parks and gardens, roundabouts and riversides, discovering a secret ga

Identity Parade

A fun, interactive panel featuring all of our authors, around the theme of identity in literature. We'll be quizzing the audience on key characters in literature throughout the ages, and will be offering some amazing audience prizes.

Can music change the world?

Daniel Rachel charts the extraordinary and pivotal period between 1976-1992 when musicians and their fans truly became instigators of social change. From his conversations with the key members behind the Rock Against Racsim, 2 Tone and Red Wedge movements

How Not To Write a Novel

Join debut write Nell Stevens and her Picador editor Sophie Jonathan as they discuss Nell journey from wannabe novelist to non-fiction writer. When it came for Nell to write a book, she decided to decamp to an uninhabited island off The Falklands with onl

Making a man: a conversation on fatherhood and masculinity

Award winning novelist Edward Docx will be in conversation with write Howard Cunnell on the portrayal of fatherhood and masculinity in literature and how their personal experiences have influenced their writing. Let Go My Hand by Edward Docx is a darkly c

How to Get Your Shit Together When Everyone Else Is Killing It

Join Picador Editor Sophie Jonathan and author Lisa Owens in a discussion about why are we all so obsessed with being defined or defining others by the career we have; a topic covered in Lisa Owens’ hilarious debut novel Not Working, dubbed the Bridget Jo