Attention earth! This is henge. They come in the name of rave. They bring you the gift of cosmic dross - a kind of music - new to your world. They have news. Planet earth is an experiment. Your species was sent codes from space. To help you love and dance

The Sweet Life Society

The creaking sound of vintage vinyl is only the surface of The Sweet Life Society’s concept of sound. This eccentric act mixes contemporary tunes with old school “Cotton Club” gems; re­styling the Swing Music culture into a blend of electronic sounds, enh

The Carousel

The Carousel Stage is the spinning, eccentric, time-travelling party machine. From Remixed Swing, Electro-Vintage Grooves and jump-up Cosmic Psychedelic Madness to Explosive Brass, this stage celebrates a melting pot of cultures, languages and styles, alw

Cut Capers

Cut Capers is an eight-piece band that formed in Bristol in late 2011, with a style based in hip-hop, swing, ska and roots reggae. They have burst onto the UK circuit, playing gigs and festivals up and down the country with their high energy shows. Combin


Influenced by the fiercest of contemporary Havana's Timba and Songo ("Cuban salsa") sounds, borrowing their biting horn lines from the times of the mambo and cha-cha-cha, whilst also covering pan-Latin genres such as Reggaetón and Merengue, Wara also have