Try your hand? Tinker with copper-smithing at this traditional workshop. Learn to produce handcrafted copper-work and fabricate a range of beautiful and useful utensils using hand-tools.  

The Greencrafts Village

Greencrafts celebrates and teaches the ancient techniques and crafts of our wilder forefathers. Brought to you by master craftsmen and women, this is the place to come and learn a traditional skill, get hands-on with natural and sustainable materials and

Cuttlefish Casting Silver Workshop

Fancy casting your own silver pendant? Using the bone from the amazing cuttlefish, carve a mold. Then melt recycled silver until molten and pour into the cuttlefish bone mold. Quench and see what you have created! So exciting and fun. Come and visit us an

WyldWood Willow

Wyldwood Willow will be running drop in basket-making classes in the green yurt with the huge white awning. Various baskets and sculpture on offer for sale or weave your own. Recline in our comfortable woven willow suspended chairs if you are passing by..

Spinney Hollow

Spinney Hollow is a working woodland in Hampshire that specialises in rural craft, outdoor Theatre and Waggon Building. This summer we will be taking our Woodland Workshop on the road once again. Using traditional greenwood work methods like pole lathing

Rustic Carpentry

Were you at the 2015 Wilderness festival? Did you miss out on creating an amazing festival walking staff? Visit us in the Greencrafts Village at Wilderness 2016 to discover what you missed. The beautiful Oxfordshire countryside will be your back drop, too

Muddy Fingers Pottery

Have a go at the ancient Japanese Pottery technique of Raku firing. There are lots of different styles of pots and 3d tiles for you to choose from. Paint your tile with our special Raku glazes and watch your pot coming to life as it gets fired up to 1000

Angel Gardens

Angel Gardens are bringing a workshop and garden space where you can create and learn how to make vegan and organic cosmetics and body care products. Using a variety of butters, oils and waxes missed with essential oils, herbs and flowers you can make ind

Oak Clan Forge

Take a journey back to the iron-age and learn the ancient arts of metal work with Blacksmith, Simon Summers. Hand craft your own tools and pendants, and use the technique of 'repoussé' to create Celtic copper bangles and sacred offerings. With a charcoal

Rough Around The Hedges Workshops

“weaving people and nature together” Rough Around The Hedges use sustainably grown willow and a variety of plants to make crafts, teach courses and provide hands on activities at festivals and events. Their work respects wildlife, promotes seasonal awaren

Felt Workshop

Join Em's Felt for wet felt and needlefelting workshops for all ages. Enjoy making all wonders of crafts from sheep's fleece. From hair dreads to beads, jewellery, flowers, pictures and butterflies. Or have a stab at needlefelting and make yourself some w

Waynes Woods Spoon Carving Workshop

  Learn how to carve a spoon in these fun workshops  hosted by Wayne Woods. The workshops offer everyone the chance to re-connect to the unspoken natural world around us. They provide the space for reflective contemplation whilst inspiring confidence