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Bodymapping Workshop

Body Mapping Workshop with Prof Andrea Cornwall (University of Sussex). Start your day with a session on mindful embodiment, movement and touch. Bring curiosity, an open mind, and your body.

The Lyceum

The School of Global Studies at The University of Sussex are locking up the lecture halls and seminar rooms and swapping mortar boards and gowns for wellies and khaki shorts to head out into The Wilderness this summer. Housed inside a beautiful, hand-made

University Challenge(d)

Live Cabaret Quiz Show with Jolyon Rubinstein, Heydon Prowse and special guest quizmaster John Lloyd. Ever fancied your chances of pitting your wits and brain power in the toughest quiz show of them all? The Lyceum presents University Challenge(d?), the i

Alain Stephen’s 5-minute Philosophy Puppet Show

5 Minute Philosophy Puppet Show – Philosophical Problems Unpicked By Puppets with Alain Stephen. The Lyceum’s ‘Philosopher In Residence’ Alain Stephen (author of This Book Will Make You Think and Why We Think The Things We Think) presents complex philosop

A Ticket To Paradise

Danish filmmakers Janus Metz & Sine Plambech’s acclaimed documentary Ticket to Paradise highlighting the impact of Thai-Westerner relationships on Thai women and their life chances.


Chris Maslanka’s Miraculous Puzzle Emporium Author, broadcaster and the only Professor of Enigmatism in the UK (St Catherine’s College, Oxford), Chris Maslanka is The Lyceum’s puzzler in residence. Best known for his Pygric Puzzles column in the weekend g

From Marijuana To Missiles: Anthropology As An Alternative Holiday

From Marijuana to Missiles: anthropology as an alternative holiday Bored of Thomas Cook, the backpackers trail or volunteering in a Tibetan wildlife sanctuary? Want to go somewhere different this year? Jonathan Newman reveals how anthropology, as an alter

Giving Children A ‘Voice’: Representing The Lives Of Migrant Children In East London

Kanwal Mand - Giving children a ‘voice’: representing lives of (migrant) children in east London. The notion that working with children poses challenges is a popular adage in the world of television production. In this talk, I reflect on working with chil

A History of The World in 5 ½ Drinks

Talk/Tasting Session: A History of The World In 5 ½ Drinks. Author Joseph Piercy was born in Brighton. After spending far too long at university studying Russian Literature and Creative Writing, Joseph embarked upon a journey which took him to various par

The Sunday Service Jam Sessions

4pm-7pm Music / Cabaret: The Sunday Service Jam Sessions On Sunday afternoons in Brighton in the late 1990’s, as the sun was setting on the millennium, two ‘idiot DJ’s’ started a cabaret / chill out club- ostensibly as an elaborate excuse to spend the day

The Bot Label Presents

Music: The Bot Label presents.. Opening Night Party ‘Hitting It Hard’ mayhem with special guests: Penelope Isles, Yazmin Hendrix, Potent Whisper, SouthWestSiide, Eliot Rivv and Charlotte Howard. Brighton’s The Bot Label are a collective of musicians and a

‘What’s In Your Suitcase?’: Refugees In Motion And Their Portmanteu Of Heritage

‘What’s in your suitcase?’: Refugees in motion and their portmanteau of heritage - Professor Divya P. Tolia-Kelly. A workshop/ talk that invites participants to reflect on international migration and how people create a sense of heritage and home; what do