The Night Realm

The Night Realm

The night crawls in looking dangerous. Dragging lazers, a chain-linked tangle of beats. You'll not escape this one unscathed. Welcome to the jungle, home of the magic hour. The chaos is not far away. Follow your instincts; you'll find your tribe. This is

The Hereafter

This crossroads is a mythological place between worlds. The hinterland where two realms touch, overseen by the devil. You are at a place where supernatural spirits can be easily contacted and paranormal events are a regularity. The Hereafter is "neither h

The Carousel

The Carousel Stage is the spinning, eccentric, time-travelling party machine. From Remixed Swing, Electro-Vintage Grooves and jump-up Cosmic Psychedelic Madness to Explosive Brass, this stage celebrates a melting pot of cultures, languages and styles, alw

The Hustle

Hustle: 'a state of great activity.' If you prefer your dancefloors to be intimate, it's pretty hard to beat the sweaty late-night disco jams in The Hustle. Returning to make you move, The Hustlers have got a top secret DJ line-up primed to put that impec

The Great Brain Robbery

Friday 8pm - Sunday 2am. Read our Spotlight on The Great Brain Robbery here. The Great Brain Robbery presents “Here’s to the Hereafter…” No Robert Johnson = No Rock n Roll… The Great Brain Robbery takes us back to the crossroads... back to that ultimate e

Henri Herbert

Like Jools Holland possessed by Jerry Lee Lewis and The Devil Himself” Jon Aizlewood, The Evening Standard (London, UK) Henri Herbert is a piano-playing phenomenon, and definitely one of the best and most sought after boogie woogie blues piano men in the

Missy Fatale

A fire-eating vixen with a bombshell-aesthetic, ivory skin, dusky red hair and a breath-taking 18-inch corseted waist, she evokes the gin-soaked glamour of the decadent 1920’s, combined with the timeless beauty of Hollywood’s Golden Age. An INTERNATIONAL

John Fairhurst Band

  It has has been one hell of a year for John Fairhurst. Hailed as “the phenomenon known as the Wigan Jimi Hendrix” (Chris Tofu, MBE) and “possibly the first guitarist you will ever see” (BBC Manchester), John has been wooing the live circuit for ove

Whiskey Shivers

A diverse group of masterfully talented musicians who stand out like a sore thumb from the traditional bluegrass world, Whiskey Shivers have made a name for themselves with a genre-pushing sound that the Washington Post called "apocalyptic Americana" and

Cut Capers

Cut Capers is an eight-piece band that formed in Bristol in late 2011, with a style based in hip-hop, swing, ska and roots reggae. They have burst onto the UK circuit, playing gigs and festivals up and down the country with their high energy shows. Combin

Tankus The Henge

Tankus the Henge is the London based, five-wheeled, funk fuelled, open top, custom paint job, rock n roll jalopy that comes careering around the corner on a tranquil summer's day. Ruining the silence and disturbing the bats. Having played over 1000 shows

Henri Herbert & The Fury

Henri Herbert And The Fury are a supercharged, rocking piano combo fronted by the legendary Henri Herbert, backed by a killer rhythm section of Jez Southgate and Aidan Sinclair. Their debut LP, Live at Gypsy Hotel, was recorded completely live and is gett