Tommy Hare

From London to Louisiana, Tommy Hare has graced stages big and small with his unique brand of Country Soul. From Western Swing to Stax Soul and everything in between, Tommy pivots from confessional balladry to good old rock ’n’ roll on a sixpence.

The Travelling Barn

Home to the finest folk virtuosos and travelling balladeers, The Travelling Barn is the place for a barnstorming craft beer and a spot to soak up the troubadour vibes. Curated by three crews with huge music credentials, you are in accomplished hands. Expe

Woodburner Music

East London's live music obsessives Woodburner are best known for their weekly festival which runs every Tuesday at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden through the summer months. Widely acknowledged to be the closest you can get to a Wilderness-style experience

Cut A Shine’s Family Hoedown Day

“Cut A Shine” is not in fact a name, rather, it is a verb: to Cut A Shine, and the meaning an old world term to dance. Back in an era before the internet, television or even electricity, the village dance would be a primary way of engaging with the wider


Emerging in 2014 after leaking his bedroom produced track, ‘The Quiet’, Chelou has not looked back. Inspired by acts as diverse as PJ Harvey, Bon Iver and James Blake, the Camden born artist has risen quickly and garnered a dedicated, cult fan-base from m


Bearcubs is the immersive solo project from 25 year old electronic artist Jack Ritchie. Over the past 2 years, Bearcubs has honed in on a distinctly unique blend of emotive electronic music, future garage and lo-fi house music in his meticulously crafted


Delicate, emotional, yet powerful songs, delivered beautifully from the minds of two incredible songwriters. Meadowlark are nothing short of outstanding, delivering spine-tingling live performances. Meadowlarks debut single ‘Eyes Wide’ was added to BBC Ra

Rum Buffalo

Forged on the streets of London, Rum Buffalo fuse authentic old time swing with urban beats, powerful synth and a killer horn section. It's an epic experience, and 2017 has seen the Rums take over festival stages large and small with their new electronic


AGBEKO (originally an Ewe warrior dance) effortlessly draw inspiration from the golden age of 1970's Nigerian, Ghanaian and Ethiopian dancefloors and deliver it through the filter of 11 young twenty-somethings who grew up on rock, funk and raucous-leaning

Don Kipper

Don Kipper are a multi award-winning 7-piece ensemble, playing a wide range of traditional musical forms reflecting the cultural diversity of North East London; from Turkish and Greek Folk Musics to Romani music and Klezmer. They attempt to root themselve

Sounds of Harlowe

Sounds Of Harlowe are a grunge-soul collective with a wide range of influences who blend elements of soul, hip-hop, metal and jazz to create their own signature brand of music. "Incendiary live hip-hop/soul rabble rousers packing deep lyrics, subterranean

Jalen N’Gonda

Born in Maryland, USA, Jalen N’Gonda chose the city of Liverpool as the place in which he would flourish as a musician. It was at the age of 11 he began getting into music, inspired by his father’s collection of jazz, hip-hop, soul and classical records.