We are thrilled to welcome DJ Artwork to make his debut at the Wilderness Valley...

The Valley

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body." - Martha Graham The Valley is an amphitheatre, a perfect gully embrued with soul and energy where the forest meets the river. It's a space which feels preordained for flamboyance and unity; in other

Eats Everything

Few producers in the history of dance music have made such a rapid and far-reaching impact on the electronic music scene as Eats Everything aka Daniel Pearce. This larger- than-life beat maker is at the forefront of a swathe of talented producers to come


You never know exactly what you’re going to hear with Jackmaster. The element of glorious surprise is crucial to his sets: from the lost Dance Mania gems he spends his time unearthing to forgotten Disco tracks to straight-up house and techno sets, the Num

Nightmares On Wax

It is no exaggeration to say that Nightmares on Wax’s work is synonymous with a place in time. It is a place individual to those who have savoured his popular brand of sun-drenched dubbed out soul, where fragments of hazy memories, halcyon days and past s

Crazy P

Who’d have thought it? Six albums in and Crazy are stronger and more relevant than ever. Funny how the tides of time turn, and how the sounds of a typically British type of house and disco - which The P have been forerunning for the last 15 years - are no

Peak and Swift

Original residents and musical curators of the Wilde Renate who also work behind the scenes as the club’s lead booker and art director. Peak's origins are unknown, though it has been said he may have been raised deep in the Brokeback Mountains of East-Sax

PBR Streetgang

Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe met while record digging in Birmigham, UK. Recognizing a compatible taste by their pickings, the two decided to DJ together and soon were immersed in the circus that was early 2000s Leeds nightlife. By 2003, the duo had foun

Itchy Rich

Banished from the supernatural realms of existence by the disco warlords, Itchy Rich travelled through Space for 1000 years stopping at every intergalactic dance party along the way learning as much as his could about the nightlife of our cosmos. Finally

Mr Doris

Producer and DJ extraordinaire, Mr Doris' incredible deck talents fuse hip hop, funk, soul, jazz, latin, disco, drum & bass, afrobeat, house, electro, dubstep, rhythm and blues, reggae and ska... In short, good, varied soulful sounds, all sliced, mash

Dave Harvey: Futureboogie

Over the course of a fifteen-plus year tenure, Dave Harvey has played the role of A&R, label head, DJ, promoter and festival director, tracing a path from dingy basement clubs in Bristol to the shores of the Adriatic under the now world-renowned Futur

Waifs and Strays

Waifs & Strays first appeared among the new wave of house-leaning producers to emerge from Bristol's ever-fertile music scene back in 2010 alongside friends like Eats Everything and Julio Bashmore. Their output spliced Amos Nelson's' love for traditio