The World As It Could Be

Economist Films presents The World If…

How will the planet cope when faced with fundamental challenges to how we live our lives? World-renowned publication The Economist brings its global expertise to Wilderness to explore three mind-stretching scenarios that could transform our world. Led by

Wilderness Utopias Sunday: Democracy

The world is in a bit of a mess and Wilderness is here to fix it. Utopias is a series of debates that each day explores visions for a better world. Each day a panel of experts discuss the myths and the methods that have shaped our way of organising – and

Bruce Parry

Award-winning documentarian, author, indigenous rights advocate, explorer, trek leader and former Royal Marines commando officer. Bruce is best known for his BBC series Tribe. Bruce has been busy. For the past four years he has been on an exploration to f

Lynne Segal : Radical Happiness

In an age of increasing individualism, we have never been more alone. Exploring a lifetime's experience within the feminist movement, Lynne Segal presents her new ideas of Radical Happiness. She makes a passionate call for the re-discovery of the politica

Little Atoms – How To Be A Machine: Live Podcast

Neil Denny of the Little Atoms Radio Show and Podcast talks to writer Mark O'Connell about his book To Be A Machine and the Transhumanism movement. Mark O'Connell is a writer based in Dublin. He is Slate’s books columnist, a staff writer at The Millions,

Ann Pettifor and Andrew Simms

What is the Green New Deal, and how can it help us create a fairer and more sustainable economy? In this joint talk economist Ann Pettifor and evironmental campaigner Andrew Simms explore how to establish a new set of policies to revive our stagnant econo

Can music change the world?

Daniel Rachel charts the extraordinary and pivotal period between 1976-1992 when musicians and their fans truly became instigators of social change. From his conversations with the key members behind the Rock Against Racsim, 2 Tone and Red Wedge movements


Part of the BLOOMSBURY SIGMA PRESENTS: THE SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL De-extinction – the ability to bring extinct species back to life – is fast becoming reality. Around the globe, scientists are trying to de-extinct all manner of animals, including the woolly