The World Now

Newsweek Debate: Are we heading towards a second Cold War?

Join us for the Newsweek debate in The Forum at Wilderness this year. In the run-up to the U.S. presidential election, most people seemed united in the opinion that Republican nominee Donald Trump would usher in a new era of friendlier U.S.-Russia relatio

The RSA : The Big Election Debrief

It was widely tipped to be the least interesting election in living memory - a slam-dunk for the Conservatives in a time of unprecedented popularity. In these unpredictable times it’s not even hyperbole to say ‘no one expected that’ - they *really* didn’t


Join free speech fanatics Index on Censorship for a quiz show with a difference: the Fake News Show. Try to separate fact from fiction with the help of panellists including BBC radio presenter Emma Barnett and News Roast comedian Jolyon Rubinstein. Do you

Wilderness Utopias Saturday: Money

The world is in a bit of a mess and Wilderness is here to fix it. Utopias is a series of debates that each day explores visions for a better world. Each day a panel of experts discuss the myths and the methods that have shaped our way of organising – and

Salon London: Gigantic Ideas of the year

Competition is killing us, our working days are numbered, your ancestors were definitely European royalty, our postcode determines our life expectancy and the human love for stories makes us scarily easy to deceive. Creators of Salon London, founders of t

State of The Nation

Question Time with balls... An eclectic selection of the best minds at Wilderness ring the stage in a frantic tag-team debate. Questions are tossed into the ring to be unpacked by our specialists in an event that makes the most of having some of the brigh