The Forum

For eight years, since the very off, The Forum has been the flagship ideas tent at Wilderness, sited in the heart of the festival, working on the assumption that everyone is interested in everything. We believe the old adage that there is no such thing as


A brand new venue dedicated to cultivating more meaningful human connection. Meeting beyond identity. Enriching relationships. Improving the quality of contact with everyone you encounter. Whether you are single, in a relationship, non-monogamous, whateve

The Books Tent

The Books Tent is entirely devoted to the literary arts. Ink-slinging, scribing, musing, brain-storming, spinning-yarns, telling tales. Expect takeovers from big and small publishers, talks and debates with incredible writers, masterclasses on writing fro

The Lyceum

The School of Global Studies at The University of Sussex are locking up the lecture halls and seminar rooms and swapping mortar boards and gowns for wellies and khaki shorts to head out into The Wilderness this summer. Housed inside a beautiful, hand-made