Bodymapping Workshop

Body Mapping Workshop with Prof Andrea Cornwall (University of Sussex). Start your day with a session on mindful embodiment, movement and touch. Bring curiosity, an open mind, and your body.


SAT 4th, 2-4pm, DANCE YOUR NAKED TRUTH Adventure into the mystery of your own coverings... and then shed them! with Cloe Jackson. Live drumming and singing from Michelle Crozier. A wildly liberating ecstatic dance journey from fully clothed to fully naked

Better Sex Mindfully

What does a practice of sitting silently and watching your thoughts have to do with sex? Well actually... a lot. This experiential workshop will help you to be more aware of sensations in your body and less caught up in thinking or anxiety. We will also p

Ecstatica Cacao Dance Party

Experience highest states of bliss and connection without a hangover or come down. Dynamic Dance + Movement Meditation incorporating breath, yoga, dance and meditation into the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air, spirit for a morning dance workout ritu

Lingham Massage by Ebony & Ivory

Lingham massage, (Lingham is the sanskrit word for penis) is a blissful experience for both giver and receiverJessica Parker is a highly qualified and experienced massage therapist, erotic bodyworker and somatic sexual educator. Dion Eric is of African/Am

Gender And Climate Uncertainty

Gender and Climate Uncertainty Session. Facilitators: Sonja Ayeb-Karlsson and Dominic Kniveton A participatory gaming workshop that supports experiential learning and dialogue on the differential vulnerability of women and men facing climate variability a

Rebel Wisdom: Playful Polarity

This workshop will be a playful experience of polarity, the twin magnetic poles of masculine and feminine. Most of the world's wisdom traditions tell the story of how the world manifests itself as polarities, yin/yang, light/dark, masculine/feminine. In t

The Love Ritual

Bring your partner or dive into loving a complete stranger just for this moment in time. In this ritual, you'll reconnect with what's important and give yourself what you really crave: intimacy, presence, connection. We'll take you through a process that