Bodymapping Workshop

Body Mapping Workshop with Prof Andrea Cornwall (University of Sussex). Start your day with a session on mindful embodiment, movement and touch. Bring curiosity, an open mind, and your body.


DANCE YOUR NAKED TRUTH Saturday 4th, 2-4pm Adventure into the mystery of your own coverings... and then shed them! with Cloe Jackson. Live drumming and singing from Michelle Crozier. A wildly liberating ecstatic dance journey from fully clothed to fully n


FREE DANCE Saturday 5th, 2-4pm Self expression, fun, fitness and meditation all in one session. With Freddy Drabble, founding director of The Artful Badger and Maria Rita Salvi, Director of Being in Motion. Jogging and spinning too boring for you? Why str

Better Sex Mindfully

What does a practice of sitting silently and watching your thoughts have to do with sex? Well actually... a lot. This experiential workshop will help you to be more aware of sensations in your body and less caught up in thinking or anxiety. We will also p

Ecstatica Cacao Dance Party

Experience highest states of bliss and connection without a hangover or come down. Dynamic Dance + Movement Meditation incorporating breath, yoga, dance and meditation into the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air, spirit for a morning dance workout ritu

Lingham Massage by Ebony & Ivory

Lingham massage, (Lingham is the sanskrit word for penis) is a blissful experience for both giver and receiverJessica Parker is a highly qualified and experienced massage therapist, erotic bodyworker and somatic sexual educator. Dion Eric is of African/Am

Gender And Climate Uncertainty

Gender and Climate Uncertainty Session. Facilitators: Sonja Ayeb-Karlsson and Dominic Kniveton A participatory gaming workshop that supports experiential learning and dialogue on the differential vulnerability of women and men facing climate variability a

Rebel Wisdom: Playful Polarity

This workshop will be a playful experience of polarity, the twin magnetic poles of masculine and feminine. Most of the world's wisdom traditions tell the story of how the world manifests itself as polarities, yin/yang, light/dark, masculine/feminine. In t

The Love Ritual

Bring your partner or dive into loving a complete stranger just for this moment in time. In this ritual, you'll reconnect with what's important and give yourself what you really crave: intimacy, presence, connection. We'll take you through a process that