Yoga Sphere

The Sanctuary

Tucked away behind the hustle and bustle of festival life find yourself in our shanti space, The Sanctuary. Famed for its diverse and inclusive programme of all things holistic, healing and wholesome. Whether you need a good stretch or an energy boost we'

Try something new

Try Something New Not sure where your heart lies? Or simply love a new challenge? We cover all the bases over in The Sanctuary. Get out of that comfort zone of yours and try something new at Wilderness 2018, you never know….. you might love it. Some gems


Maybe Shavasana is your safe space, or maybe you find comfort within childs pose. Whichever your favorite Asana is, we will have a class for you. Dynamic? Strengthening? Relaxing? Rebuilding? We all have the capability to listen to our bodies, what is you

Mandala Yin yoga with The Yoga People

“Yin Yoga: The Functional & Experiential Approach to practice Yoga” Yin is a profound, internal practice, leading to profound, internal understanding. One of the great aspects of the Yin practice is that it gives us a beautiful experiential understand