Oh, hello darlings, you’ve arrived…

The Wilderness 2022 themes are here, and they are bigger, bolder, and more brilliant than ever. As ever, we cannot wait to see how you, our magnificent audience, rise to the challenge, embrace your inner creative and let your fabulousness shine.

Whether it’s embroidering, painting, beading, or borrowing, we’re inviting you to dig deep into your wardrobes, buy pre-loved, responsibly rent, and upcycle because old is the new, new darling and vintage is most definitely in.

And for all you last-minute Larrys out there, with our dedicated fashion space, The Factory, offering fashion for the future workshops and second-hand sellers lined up to make sure you’re decked out in the finest wares; we’ve got you covered (literally).

Psssst: glitter goes a long way, but please, make sure it’s biodegradable.

We’ve fallen head over heels for the unfathomable. Caper topsy turvy, flippity flop until you turn turtle.

Take cues from Widow Twanky…antics, jesters, and harlequins. Dig out your best pranks and wear them. Too much is never enough.

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Triangles are our favourite shape, especially with an adjoining checkerboard, scallop or stripe.

Gather your favourite maths-inspired shapes, and clash clash clash them like there’s no tomorrow. We’re going doolally for diamond, gushing over gingham, and singing zipity-doodah for zigzags.

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Gold dust women and sparkly tin men.

Shimmer, gleam, and dazzle, reflecting like a supernova. Get gilded, go for gaudy, polish a sequin or two… It’s a platinum year, after all.

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