The Wilderness Cricket with Bearded Kitten


Sat 3rd 11:00 - 13:30

The Playing Fields

Sun 4th 11:00 - 13:30

The Playing Fields

Ah, cricket! A Wilderness institution of equal parts incompetence and genius, parody and perfection. The Bearded Kittens have been hosting the cricket on Saturday & Sunday for as long as the festival has existed. The game takes a back seat to the spectacle, of streakers, dubious umpiring decisions, inspired commentary, men in drag, more streakers, pitch invasions, boozing and more streakers.

Saturday sees the annual guest invitation match, the Wilderness XI vs The Gentleman Wallops, and Sunday sees the riotous costumed clash, between the best and worst of Britain vs TEAM USA....

America? Cricket? Really? The Yanks are trying to take over everything!!!! The Cricket T20 World Cup is coming up and lots of the games are being hosted in the USA for the first time ever. America is trying to muscle in on the one thing Britain has left…. Cricket.

Wilderness will fall at the peak of the Summer Olympics being held just over the channel in Paris. The WCC has decided that since Paris has flatly refused to allow cricket in the 2024 Olympics (they were up for French Cricket but that’s mainly for grannies), we will host the final on their behalf at Wilderness on the Sunday. Featuring the newest addition to the cricketing fraternity Team (TakeOver) America vs. the inventors of cricket Team GB. New world vs old world, money vs manors, hotdogs vs hampers, the clash of the summer that nobody ever knew they wanted to see.. until now. Teams will be made up from the good, the bad and the ugly of both nations.


Two incompetent teams of cricketers slug it out in gentlemanly fashion. A swelling crowd gaze on intent, sipping on Pimm’s and drunk on the picturesque. A commentator rumbles on in tones of slurringly clipped precision. A man in a tutu charges in to bowl. The umpire is asleep in the grass. Welcome to Wilderness.” (Cricket Blogspot)

The games operate on a simple first come first serve basis.

Anyone who wants to participate needs to come down and sign up at 9 am when registration opens at the cricket scoreboard.

We advise potential players to get there early to ensure they get on the team sheet.