Wilderness presented by Audi is known for it's breadth of incredible experiences.

Feasting & Wellbeing & Lakeside Spa experiences available to book now.

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Claude Bosi

from £150

Meera Sodha

from £105

Rafael Cagali

from £190

Bloodshot Supperclub

from £120

Mam Sham

from £85

Ben Lippett

from £85

Social Supperclub

from £80


from £55

Salvage your Cocktail Cabinet

from £50

The Hungover Cocktail Class

from £50

Leftovers to Showstoppers: Zero Waste Workshop

from £45

Pickling Like a Boss

from £50

Drag Queen Wine Tasting

from £55

Sake for Everyone!

from £60

Vermouth Tasting: A Fortified Affair

from £50

Hunter Gather Cook

from £80