Explore the Wilderness

With every venue curated for your every curiosity, step in and discover your favourite haunt for the weekend.

The venues from Wilderness 2023 are listed below. To find out when the venues for 2024 will be announced, sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media.


Long Table Banquets

Peacock Bar

Pop Up Theatre

The Art Studio

The Atrium

The Books Tent

The Cat's Whiskers

The Chef's Table

The Club House

The Family Field

The Faraway Fete

The Forum

The Great Outdoors

The Greencrafts Village

The House of Sublime

The Hustle

The Jumpyard

The Playing Fields

The Pop-Up Market

The Sanctuary & Spa

Yogarise Studio

The Mindful Space

The Studio

The Shala

Wellbeing in the Wild

Wilderness Treatments

The Valley

The Smudge

The Wilderness Kitchen

The Wilderness Stage


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