Sun 4th 11:45 - 13:15


Belly2Belly is a relational breathing meditation that supports you in to the sweet softness of your parasympathetic nervous system.

It can give you a new imprint for relational safety, a new experience of staying with yourself whilst being in connection with another, a new opportunity for emotional intimacy and attunement.

This is an intimacy practice, with nowhere to get to, nowhere to go, but to be present to yourself in relation to the other.

It is simple. It is deep. It is profound.

Connection, intimacy and sexuality are the golden threads that weave through Eshana’s work. She is a Psychosexual Therapeutic Coach, is studying to become a Clinical Sexologist and teaches Relationships and Sex Education in Schools. Alongside this she delivers a Facilitator Training for Cuddles and Nervous System Regulation and offers monthly Belly2Belly workshops in London. All of her work (and life) is packed with heaps of heart, tender vulnerability, integrity and LOVE