Tribal Sexy Ecstatic Cacao Dance Party


Sat 3rd 19:30 - 21:00


Embrace the wild and surrender to the rhythm as the sacred medicine of Cacao takes you on a journey of sensuality and spirit to explore your primal self and express your inner sass. Hot tribal beats and deep bass carry you on waves of movement from the serene and still into cathartic chaos and back. This is not just any dance party, it is a uniting of heart and soul through free movement of the body, a transformative celebration of life and best enjoyed sober ;)

Anna-Lisa has a deep love of creating transformation, expression and expansion through the body. Weaving her knowledge and experience from energetic, physical, therapeutic and creative trainings she creates layered dance landscapes to explore, reflect and process our inner worlds with a mix of global rhythms, beats and melodies. She is an Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, DJ, Tao Master, Art Therapist & Mother.