Dream Rehab Live


Fri 2nd 12:30 - 13:30


What if everything you need is already around you?

Join edutainer Reuben Christian (TEDx, Samsung, Barbican) for Dream Rehab: a slightly deep, mainly fun community mixer that will leave you with new ideas and connections to help level up your goals – whether personal or professional. An entertaining evening of interactions, collective dream-building, and Reuben's randomness awaits. All ‘verts’ welcome; introverts, extroverts and the keen-to- converts ;)

Dream Rehab is all about Co-Creating Our Best Lives. It’s an uplifting space that blends laughs and life advice – created and run by Reuben Christian. Rooted by Reuben’s core belief in community collaboration, Dream Rehab is designed to help dreamers of all ages, disciplines and walks of life bridge the gap between what they want and actually getting it.