How To Not F*** Up Your Kids (Workshop)


Sat 3rd 12:30 - 13:30


This interactive, practical workshop can be experienced as a continuation of Kitty’s talk on Friday or stands alone. Either way, it will offer parents and those considering starting a family a unique experience to deepen their understanding of their children, as well as themselves as parents.

Based on up-to-date child psychology, neuroscience and Kitty’s 32 years of clinical practice, she will explore the vital role parents play in laying secure foundations for their children to develop lifelong sturdy mental health and well-being.

“In early life 1 million new neural connections are formed every second.” (Centre of Developing Child Harvard University.)

Kitty is a very experienced psychotherapist with over 30 years of clinical practice.  A transpersonal psychotherapist, she holds an MA in Child/Adolescent & Family therapy and is trained in Perinatal therapy. Passionate about working preventatively, she co-founded Babies Know parenting programme and has just launched her first podcast - ‘HOW NOT TO F#*K UP YOUR KIDS’- emotional intelligence for parents or those thinking of becoming a parent, offering children the very best start in life.