Kate Pickett in conversation with Danny Dorling: A vision for a better future


Sun 4th 13:15 - 13:40

The Forum

Sunday Papers Live - UK News Section

Seeking to understand the pulse of the nation, Kate Pickett and Danny Dorling present a compelling and achievable vision for a progressive future. They outline policies for welfare, health and social care, education, housing and more, based on universal basic income. 

Arguing for a rolling forward of the state, they set out a radical vision for a Green New Deal, nationally owned and operated health and social care, and the removal of the state-led transfer of wealth to private landlords and speculators in the process, amongst other reforms.

Kate and Danny compelling research is far from a narrative of despair about the state of our nation, but instead it serves as a beacon of hope and a concrete blueprint for a brighter tomorrow. Presents cutting-edge policies on welfare, health, social care, education, housing and a clear, evidenced plan for progressive reform.

Danny Dorling, Professor of Human Geography at the University of Oxford and author of several books including Shattered Nation (2023), Finntopia (2020), Rule Britannia (2019), Peak Inequality (2018) and Inequality and the 1% (2014).

Kate Pickett, Professor of Epidemiology at the University of York, Academic Co-Director of Health Equity North, co-author, with Richard Wilkinson, of the award-winning and best-selling The Spirit Level (2009) and The Inner Level (2018).