Marianne Power: A different happy ever after


Sun 4th 13:40 - 14:05

The Forum

Sunday Papers Live - Culture Section

Marianne's latest project has been her hilarious, eye-opening and honest account of her quest to explore love in all its forms to answer the question: can you have a life full of love without marriage and kids? 

From tantra to Skype sex, from self-love to sisterhood, Marianne’s explorations have taken her to some hilarious, scary and moving places – to discover that maybe, in these chaotic times, loving thy neighbour is more important than romantic ideals.

Marianne Power is a journalist and the author of the global bestseller Help Me!. Published in twenty-five languages and optioned for TV by Sony Tristar, Marianne’s wry, funny, down to earth and moving journey around the world of self-help captured the world’s imagination.