Monthly Digestif


Fri 2nd 13:00 - 13:45

The Forum

The Monthly Digestif is a sell-out monthly news roundup event hosted by writer and documentary filmmaker Sydney Lima. It's an irreverent and light-hearted panel discussion where its guests spend an hour discussing the monthly culture zeitgeist in front of a live audience. 

Past guests include philosopher Slavoj Zizek, journalist and writer Jon Ronson, comedian Mary Beth Barone, Chef Gizzi Erksine, cultural commentator Chante Joseph, viral Tiktoker Shabaz Ali, comedian Desiree Burch, ES Editor Ben Cobb, travel writer and creator of Trigger Happy TV Dom Joly, satirist Heydon Prowse, comedian Grace Campbell, TV prankster Oobah Butler, comedian Joanne McNally, presenter Jack Guinness, comedian Sophie Duker, fashion IT girl and journalist Camille Charriere, DJ Tiffany Calver, musician JGrrey, presenter Jordan Stephens, political journalist Matthew d'Ancona, artist Jake Chapman, and actress Lauren Lyle.