Relational Intelligence


Fri 2nd 11:15 - 12:15


With Adam Taffler

Dive deep into the essence of relational intelligence and discover the transformative power of authentic connection. This workshop invites you to explore the subtle art of being present with others, tuning into the aliveness of your desires, and embracing vulnerability. By honing your ability to truly see and be seen, you'll uncover a richer, more authentic way to relate. Join us for a profound journey into the heart of human connection, where the real magic of relationships unfolds.

Adam Taffler, founder of Togetherness and creator of Shhh Dating, has been shaped by a lifelong quest for authenticity and meaningful connection. From feeling like an outsider since age 15, Adam embarked on a transformative journey, attending hundreds of courses and trainings to explore deeper ways of connecting with others and himself. His experiences, ranging from tantra retreats to innovative relationship workshops, led him to launch Togetherness, which creates inclusive, accessible environments where participants can engage genuinely without prerequisites. His work challenges conventional relationship dynamics, promoting deeper intimacy and understanding in every interaction.