Festival Concierge

Charity Concierge is festival volunteering with an impact: their volunteers bring a little bit of luxury to festival-goers while raising money for global health charity Child.org.

Please note, all of the concierge services mentioned below will require a donation fee. All donations support Child.org’s work in making pregnancies safer for women and babies in Kenya.

Festival Buggy Taxi

Don’t waste time and energy trekking your gear from the car park to your chosen camping pitch... catch a ride in a Festival Buggy Taxi

For £35 donation, our Festival Buggy Taxis will transport you and as much gear as safely possible from your car park to your campsite (and vice versa when you want to leave). These taxi stops will be at the main festival car parks and campsites. The service is first-come, first-served basis - we will do our best to manage queues and let you know how long the wait time is.

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Drinks Concierge

For a small donation, you can take advantage of our Drinks Concierge service where our team of volunteers will take your drinks order and payment, skipping the queues at the bar, and returning your drinks order back to you whilst you continue dancing, saving your spot in the crowd. It’s quick, easy and you won't have to move a muscle to get a round of drinks in!


Tent Service

Our volunteers will be on hand to lend a helping hand to help you put up your tent upon arrival. On the afternoon of Thursday 1st August, our volunteers will be roaming the campsites offering their support to erect your tents or fortresses.

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The Charity Concierge service is run by the Child.org team. Child.org is a registered international charity working to improve maternal and child health in Kenya via community-based approaches. Working in close partnership with local communities and local health authorities, Child.org promotes solutions to keep pregnant women and babies safe and healthy. Further information: and all donations go directly to the Child.org.