Chad Lawson: Piano & Breathwork


Fri 2nd 11:00 - 12:00

The Atrium

Music steadies us even through life’s roughest seas, breaking the clouds of mental, physical, and spiritual anguish with a flood of light. Georgia-based pianist, podcaster, and composer Chad Lawson tunes into the Zeitgeist with an eloquent, engaging, and empathetic approach to piano. As if accessing a conduit from his spirit directly to his fingers, his comforting and calming compositions soothe and soar in equal measure.

Remaining receptive to his audience, he responds to the generation's need for respite with his 2024 full-length album, Where We Are [Decca Records US]—a title that reflects his intent to meet people exactly where they are.

“My role is to impact the heart rather than impress the mind,” he notes. “That’s how I see my music. Right now, it seems like everyone is very tired. So, I’m trying to meet people Where They Are—which is where the name of the album came from. I’m going to be in the thick of it with them. I’m putting my hands out and saying, ‘I’ll hold you through this’.