Discolypso Crew


Sat 3rd 20:30 - 22:00

The Riddle

Discolypso is a record label, music blog and DJ collective that often pop-up across the globe with spectacular immersive live shows and themed events. For the last decade they curated stages at festivals, including programming the Electronic music at Glastonbury’s Rabbit Hole area. They have a monthly residency in NYC and bi-annual label showcases in LA, Mexico City and London.

They have close ties with the artist Dombrance who releases his music on their label and is constantly pushing the boundaries with Electronic immersive showcases.

The Disc-o-lypso DJ Crew have a fresh blend of tropical sounds with a carnival energy - stirring up an invigorating jamboree on the dancefloor. Expect an intoxicating melting pot of funk, soca, disco and afrobeat with a sprinkling of Electronics to keep you on your toes.