Dolores Forever


Sun 4th 19:45 - 20:15

The Barn

Coming from different parts of the world, Hannah from Leeds and Julia from Copenhagen, their paths converged in London where a mutual friend introduced them at a house party. On meeting they immediately made a pact to not work together. It backfired. “We had heard about each other on the songwriting circuit and agreed to not write songs together; to be friends instead.” Rather than getting a session in the diary, they quickly became close friends, going to gigs and discussing shared musical obsessions, so despite their best intentions, Dolores Forever seemed to be inevitable.

By harnessing their experiences – in the music industry and beyond – these two brilliantly talented women are creating anthems for anybody who, like them, feels things intensely. “We’re not broken women,” stresses Hannah. “We’re just fascinated by the viscerality of emotion.” It’s why, she supposes, they were both drawn to songwriting in the first place. “You get to go into a room and within ten minutes somebody’s spilling their guts out to you.”