Don Kipper


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The Jumpyard

Don Kipper are an ensemble led by the formidable Greek-Serbian singer Dunja Botic. Driven by an explosive rhythm section they create a powerful sound drawing from modern electronic Romani club music and bone-deep rural folk traditions.

Together, their unique sound has become both a blazing homage to the folk cultures they love, and a fresh take on global dance music. From their beginning in 2013, Don Kipper have always been propelled by the deeply rooted music traditions of the Balkans and Mediterranean, today, they are super-charging these traditions with their own original songs, steeping their music in heavy Electronic grooves, elastic Disco Basslines and splashes of Psychedelic Synth Funk.

Their latest album pushes all these musical elements to the limit to meet the moment, a collection of politically charged, fiery original songs, a message wrapped in powerful sounds both ancient and futuristic, at once rooted in music that has moved people for generations, yet reaching for something glitteringly modern.