Elephant Kind


Sat 3rd 23:20 - 0:00

The Forum

Every band has global ambition, but few lack the desire to move 7000 miles across the world to realise it. Summer 2022 saw Elephant Kind move from Indonesia to London to explore the next chapter as a band, starting a new era on the other side of the globe.

"This is the dream of every Indonesian artist, probably most artists in the world, like everyone that we love moved to London at some point and writing here, it means a lot to us." says Bam Mastro, frontman and founder of the group.

Now in 2022, the band is a three piece with four projects to their name, hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners across the globe and a firmly cemented place as one of Indonesia's most beloved alternative outfits.

Their fresh take on alternative indie has earned them critical recognition and acclaim both at home and globally, constantly building year on year as their worldwide ambition comes into fruition.

As one of the country’s definitive alternative outfits they’re also a go-to support for huge international talent, touring with the likes of The XX and Franz Ferdinand.

This huge presence in Southeast Asia is now starting to translate even more globally with the band’s move to the UK, something that ignites a fire in Elephant Kind and what will make the next 12 months so exciting.