Faithless (Live)


Fri 2nd 21:15 - 22:45

The Wilderness Stage

With All Blessed, their first studio album in 10 years, Faithless are back. Not that they ever really, properly went away.

This is the world of what we might call Faithless 3.0 and All Blessed: an immersive experience, a cohesive whole, a thought-provoking and transporting trip. It’s an album.

“You know, we had time to make this record,” reflects Rollo, “so we had time to whittle it down from a much bigger pool of songs and we wanted to make it expansive. Make sure there’s space for things to unfurl. Let it ebb and flow. People are very used to bang, bang, bang, single, single, single in music generally at the moment and in dance music specifically. We want to give them something else – something that could breathe.”

“The agenda of Faithless is to be conscious but also eminently listenable,” affirms Sister Bliss. “And that’s rewarding. We don’t bash you over the head, but there are a few moments where we want to shake you out of whatever mood you’re in and take you to another. Really, we want people to actually enjoy what we do, on every level,” she concludes simply. “That’s absolutely key to all our years of making music.”

Al Blessed, alright, all now.