Sat 3rd 15:30 - 16:30

The Jumpyard

Granfergo is rooted in South American psychedelic cumbia, African funk, North American surf rock and soul music. The result is an earthy, funky, cinematic harmony of soaring guitar melodies, rumbling bass riffs and groove-driven percussion.

Granfergo was formed by brothers Euan and Adam Dean. The group strives to achieve a blending of styles from various places around the world that would not normally be found together. Among their many influences you will find not only funk, soul and rock & roll but also film soundtracks, sampled electronic music, and some of the most obscure musical gems from every era and every corner of the globe.

“Our sound is really a melting pot of everything we love. The name Tarantino often gets thrown at us due to our combined love of old school surf, funk and soul records. We’re also big fans of modern soul coming from labels like Daptone, Big Crown and Colemine in The States. But we love music from all over the world. Afrobeat, Peruvian psychedelic cumbia, Dub roots, it all gets thrown in there. People have thrown all kinds of names at the sound. Surf Dub, Cinematic Soul, Psychedelic Groove, Desert Rock. It’s all true.”

– Euan Dean, Kula Collective interview, March 2023